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Anyone purchasing warranty:Be aware that nsi are not fulfilling any obligations now.I recently purchased A 3 year extended warranty from them and now im 8 months into it and they wont fix any of the problems I am having with my purchase.

I found evidence through A very valuable source that this is estimated to last at least until A so called merger has been completed,which is now estimated to take until around the end of the month.

This merger is going to be with warrantech,as of now the merge is going to be 23rd August 2008,But who knows,NSI CERTAINLY do not,After asking advice from A representative of NSI on when our product would be fixed they simply told us that our information has been passed on to the technicians and they will be dealing with it as soon as POSSIBLE.I contacted the technicians personally and their responce was"NSI OWE $6000 to us we wont be doing any work through them until this is resolved"

Monetary Loss: $2200.

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i can't use web site.I can't set up in log in.

no contact number.

i trid to ancel my my plan i was told i wasnt allowed

to cancel.The place of purchase said they never have heard that.

very rude service.


I would highly not recommend buying a warranty from Warrantech.They have to be the worst company to deal with.

After waiting seven months for my television to be fixed. The repair only lasted for two days and it broke again. After talking to Warrantech. They tell me I have to wait five business so the tech people can determine if my television is considered unrepairable.

You would think after making a person wait seven months.They would want to resolve the issue quickly.


we have NEVER had a prob with either NSI nor warrantech paying us for a claim on work performed or taking care of a client's broken product.

contact us for further info...361 857-7236

corpus christi, tx 78411

Paxtonia, Pennsylvania, United States #28497

Well I wish they could provide service! :(

Paxtonia, Pennsylvania, United States #28493


NSI can provide service and support on ANY product. We offer affordable warranty management services (multi-vendor equipment). Let us simplify your warranty management through our seamless dispatch of technicians and parts. Services include preventative maintenance, replacement parts, technical support and warranty conversions at end of OEM warranty.

For more information, contact NSI at 800-634-8633, ext. 133 or click here to email us.

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